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Founded in April 2020 and currently with over 5,000 members, we are the largest and fastest gravel-growing community in the state of Florida. 

Florida Gravel Biking is a welcoming and friendly community that was created with the purpose of reaching as many cyclists as possible throughout the state of Florida creating unique, free gravel rides and EPIC social gatherings in and out of Florida with our cycling friends. We are supported by our own pockets and volunteers for the love and passion of the sport. 

Florida Gravel Biking created the popular WMA Gravel Series, Gravelville Series, Florida Bikepackers, Quixote’s and more, all for the purpose of continuing to grow the sport and community. 

We have BIG plans for our community and are currently accepting sponsorship opportunities with leaders in the cycling industry. Reach out if you want to get involved.

We look forward riding with you!


Florida Gravel Biking Founders
Karen & Maxis Gamez


Florida Gravel Biking’s vision is to advance the concept of safe and enjoyable cycling for club members by:

 Providing ongoing health, safety and cycling etiquette information to club members.

  • Organizing safe, supportive, enjoyable group gravel rides for all levels of cyclists.
  • Giving back to the community by supporting charity events and opportunities that promote cycling’s health benefits and safe cycling awareness.
  • Acting as cycling ambassadors in our local area and news media.
  • Building friendships, support groups and social relationships with people who share a love of cycling.

Providing discounts on cycling products from local dealers and club sponsors.

our story

Founded in April 2020 and currently with over 5,000 members, we are the largest and fastest gravel-growing community in the state of Florida. 

In 2020 we had an idea, and now that idea has become countless memories, epic adventures and over 5,000 of us & growing, joining together in the largest gravel biking community in Florida. #wearefloridagravelbiking

Maxis & I come from a background of mtb & road cycling but decided we’d check out what this gravel thing was all about.  We promptly went out and bought two gravel bikes, because you can never have too many bikes, and immediately we were in love!  Gravel grinding made us feel like kids again playing in the dirt!

We became so excited about it, we started researching places to explore and realized quickly how great it would be if there were more people like us wanting to meet up to ride and find new routes together all over Florida – and Florida Gravel Biking Facebook page was born.  Maxis came up with the brilliant idea of exploring the beautiful WMA’s (Wildlife Management Areas) of Florida.

Together with fellow Quixotes, Gabe & Terry, we ventured to Goethe.  Water crossings, canopied forests and all the gravel you could ask for later, we knew that others would want to have as much fun as we’d had! The WMA series was born & we began traveling to different regions of Florida. It became a huge success & we continue to work hard toward scouting & getting to even more areas of our beautiful state ~ stay tuned!

We are always coming up with new ways to get out there! Red clay roads through orange orchards, bike packing through the Ocala National Forest & paddle trips after rides are just to name a few.

The culture of this family has become exactly that, a FAMILY.  We take care of each other, no man left behind. There is something for everyone and ALL are welcome – the only requirement is a fun-loving, positive attitude!  Those who want to go fast do and those that want to stop & smell the roses & take pictures do, referred to by all of FGB as #partypace.  Cookouts are almost always accompanying each ride, costumes & tutus have been present on multiple occasions & cooling off in sinkholes above underwater caverns is welcome!

Welcome! We’re truly glad you’re here and can’t wait to share these adventures with you! Don’t forget to wear that child-like smile #gravelface!

 Let’s ride gravel! ~ Maxis & Karen Gamez

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